Loss of behemoth

I preordered the game and recieved the behemoth when it came out. I have played as it many times. When an unrelated error occurred with my Xbox I was forced to perform a factory reset, when I loaded the game up again, after the data had synced the behemoth was locked and the mastery was still there
I still cannot access it.

Try to buy him again, it will probably tell you that you already have him and it will proceed to download him.

If it takes you to the payment confirmation page, then don’t do it.

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Have you reconnected your my2k account?

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Thank you, I’ll try that.

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Please tell me if it worked :smile:

Have you went into your My Games and Apps and gone through Evolve to check that there isn’t a file in the “Waiting to be Downloaded” section or whatever they call it?

All the DLC characters I’ve gotten have needed to have the download manually started. The skins automatically download but not the characters.

Please keep us posted.

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I’m not sure if it worked, because it’s the free weekend now

If you lose him, then be sure to update us again. Hopefully this will correct itself.