Losing my feel for this game


In the beginning when I first played this game I felt tension and the feeling of being a really powerful monster.

Now… With each match I play, I simply do not feel any tension at all when I play a match against some hunters like Sunny and Torvald or Slim. I do not think they are OP, yet many of the abilities that they have can make it hardmode for the monster if the player is casual. (I am)

I’m not gonna quit Evolve…yet… I still feel a bit passionate about this game but… I can’t play it more than I feel like.

Sad Post Complete


You think right
I think if you’re losing your feel for the game it’s a good idea to take a pause, come back in a week or so, just let it get out of your system, who knows :b?


Its happened to me I took a little break because of it. You’ll get your flow back, you know the feeling of actually being powerful as a monster.


I think the tension is always there whenever you begin a game and you make your way to Stage 2, trying not to be caught, regardless of who’s on the Hunter team.

I understand what you mean about some of the Tier 4 Hunters removing that feeling of being a big, powerful Monster. That’s really only because they’re very high dps characters, it’s just the way they are.

Take a break if you must, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to go.


I think that the three (in the order Torvald>Sunny>Slim) have got abilities that turn the game into something more frustrating.

Torvald + sunny/hank/bucket + Laz? Jumping everywhere like a crazy grasshopper, trying to spread the damage while your hp melt (if your HP doesn’t melt, you’re playing against a bad Torvald, if he can foresee who’s being attacked, he can trade damage). Good luck in defeating Laz without good damage spread or some kind of body camping. Spreading damage with Hank is almost impossible, you’ve got to take damage while focusing him down, and then let Laz revive him while you immediately focus on Torvald, with sunny you’ve got to take dmg to destroy the drone, or throwing a fist here and a fist there, with bucket you can’t easily destroy the turrets without risking mortar rounds, and Laz + Torvald means you’re full of weak spots, the kind that turrets love the most.

Slim + everyone? Grab a chair and sit closer to your TV. Or boost the gamma, but I hate playing like this.

Sunny is already forbidden in some tournaments, and she’ll surely be nerfed again, but I bet that Torvald would be the choice 99% of the times, if not for the Kraken.
Releasing an hunter that is OP and frustrating against ANY other monster than the most powerful one… Meh.
I hope that the 5th monster won’t be another flying one, otherwise people would feel pressed to buy it.


I think i get what your talking about. The first time i played this game I got that same feeling " OH Sh*&, that’s a Goliath". I think that feeling comes from exploring a new map/world and searching for a monster that you have no clue of what its capable of. The only solution to this is to keep the audience in suspense by revealing future and up coming monsters. Make huge maps with giant trees and mountains. I think that feeling always dies out eventually when you understand the game, but its doesn’t help that there is a small variety of monsters you come to understand and get to know quickly.


I feel your pain, tried to hop on monster after playing hunter about 40 Hours straight, I can confidently say it did not go well. I’m gonna have to tell my friends that I cant play with them for a while.


You’re suffering “burnout”. Simply go out, do some lifting, play another game, etc. Ina couple days BAM! You’re lusting for some Evolve again.


So whenever you win against this comp it’s because the hunters suck instead of the latter being a skilled monster player?



No, it’s simply more difficult against these comps (like it was with the Caira+Daisy cheese), but the amount of frustration is what changes the most.
Look at a match between a pro Goliath and a pro tier4 comp. A crazy giant grasshopper, this is what I’ve got to become, to counter Torvald + Sunny + Laz.


So a comp changed the way a match will be played?

Sounds like good character creation by TRS.

What you did just there is called adapting, and that’s what new iterations of monsters and hunters SHOULD be doing. Do you know how boring this game would be if we all had to play the same with EVERY comp? It’d be a simple borefest, and this game would die out at a much faster rate.


The new hunters introduced a new order of things, a change in how the monster has to approach the hunter group.

Before T4 it was pretty easy for me: support > medic > assault or trapper. You could easily focus on one hunter and out-damage the rest, on occasion spreading damage depending on the specific combination. Something like Val / Caira + Hank needed some multitasking, but not a lot.

So T4 arrives and you have three of them that are designed to break this method of play: Slim prevents visual focus, Sunny prevents damage focus, and Torvald prevents camped/sustained focus (staying in one spot.) Any one of these characters will force you to multitask and efficiently use your abilities across all hunters rather just one. This is a challenging shakeup and is still difficult in general, but its not impossible. I’ve learned you have to be both highly-aggressive and an opportunist, picking battles more carefully here.


yah ure right no one is OP its just these poor kids with no skills WHINNING all the time wanting free ez life wins…cause they are BADDDDD…

I have no prolbems maintaining my 207 win streak right now…they are just BAD…simple.
they cry more, they get more its stupid how that works…


If a comp forces me to bash my monster jimmies the entire match, it’s not automatically a good change.
Change can be pleasant on not, and “jumping around spinning the camera all the time” doesn’t sound that entertaining, isn’t it?




Unless you sensitivity is set to the point where a single flick of the wrist makes you 180, blame the settings not the game.


I get what you mean. Torvald makes me feel like I’m the hunter and he’s the monster. Especially since apparently he’s supposed to have a minimum range which isn’t working.


I use my thumbs :wink:

Moving the camera around fast is - required - if you have to continuously swap target. It’s not something I’m doing by mistake. But it gets annoying.

Really, face some hardcore fellas playing with that comp, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

I main Goliath btw.




Sounds fun then. ^.-