Losing is one thing, but does any else hate losing because of a lag or glitch


Today, I couldn’t help but rant as I slowly began to realize I was losing a match, but not because I’m was playing badly.

The first time I encountered a glitch I thought it was funny. The first glitch I personally encounter was an out of body experience.

My ghost (camera) was stuck in spot, and it was detached from the monster. I thought it was funny struggling with the controls as I watch my monster fight from a distance. I was still in control. I just couldn’t move, so the play area was limited. It was limited to the visible area where I could see the movement of the beast. I obviously lost, but I thought the out of body experience was funny. In the previous map I had discovered what it felt like to suddenly die without reason and sink into the ground. I was still able to do Hank’s orbital strike.

However, it wasn’t humorous today when I realized that the wild life was invincible. I attacked and attacked and it didn’t have any effect on the wildlife. Thereto, I began to hate the fact that my attacks were also delayed, and it took forever to cast a rock, pounce, or rock smash.

Am I the only one who hates getting a loss on my profile when it’s caused by an in game glitch.

I think that the latest patch came with a lot of bugs, because I first bought this game I occasionally ran into a glitch, but as frequently as do now.


One time the hunters threw the dome as I was leaping with Goliath off a cliff, and the way they threw it was just perfect so that I was caught endlessly falling between the dome and the cliff face. I couldn’t climb back up the cliff, move forward out of the endless fall, or do anything. So I hung in midair while they took me from S3 half health half armor to dead.


I’ve been straight up ragequitting and not playing because of all the bugs lately. Its not fun anymore.

I don’t mind losing because I’m shit which happens often. I mind losing because there’s an invisible wall I can’t get over or I fall through the map as soon as the match starts and I have a strike right at the beginning.

And yet, the known bug list still hasn’t been updated since March 30th.


That sounds like a unique glitch. I’ve never ran into it, but I can imagine its frustrating. I might have laughed at the absurdity of the glitch the first time. I also doesn’t sound like a glitch you run into every time. Seem like something with a very rare possibility.

The thing here is when I first bought this game, half of the glitches I encountered didn’t exist. It played smoothly, it wasn’t until the new patch that I have encountered so may more glitches.


I’ve never ran into an invisible wall, but I’ve notices since the beginning of the game that the environment is the greatest obstacle for the monster. The smallest little thing will reduce your leap, or stop your momentum.

Like I said before, I think the latest patch came with a lot of glitches.


Game ran like a dream until last week. I don’t know when exactly they patched things because I’ve been playing GTA5 but Sunday May 3rd was when I came back and had every match glitch out that night and its essentially been the same since.


The Behemoth “Fissure Freeze” glitch is what always gets me.