Losing Daisy


Whenever I face daisy I never sneak since she always finds me, but I keep seeing people say you can fool daisy’s ai. My question is how do you juke/trick daisy?


I explained this previously in a post which I’d link you to, but it was forever ago and I don’t have the link, so I’ll explain it again.

First of all, there are two type of footprints you leave, the standard ones that are visible to everyone, then sneak prints which only Daisy can detect. Those are invisible to everyone.

Imagine every footprint you make (whether a sneak print or a normal print) starts at “100”, and counts down to “0”, at which point they disappear. Daisy will move towards the footprint with the highest value, as that is the most recent one. As she moves towards the most recent footprint, her detection radius shifts and she’ll detect a print with an even larger value, which she’ll then move to.

Now, if the most recent footprint is a standard print, she’ll run towards it. If it’s a sneak print, she’ll put her nose to the ground and move slower towards you.

Basically, “juking” Daisy (from my point of view) is done by waiting until she’s sniffing the ground, at which point you sneak around a rock or other object to make your escape, then run as fast as you can to the other side of the map whilst Daisy follows your old tracks.


Ok thanks for the info


Is that viable?


Duking Daisy? Yes. It gives you time to escape and feed up whilst the Hunters are busy following Daisy again after you slipped past her.


u can also watch madcows video

its on huis youtube


Yep - Was my first few wins as a monster due to Maddcow’s videos so I can vouch for them :slight_smile: Takes practice, but getting around daisy isn’t too hard.