Losing control of Behemoth & Sky Camera


So this is great, I was just in two back-to-back ranked matches that had bugs that got me killed.

  • Losing control of Behemoth whilst climbing a wall inside the large cave on Barracks.

    I was not able to capture a screenshot of it happening, but it was like the camera got stuck while I was climbing the wall and I lost all control of the monster, in addition to the camera.

  • Sky Camera

    This happened immediately at the start of the game, this time on Broken Hill Foundry. I was so far up in the sky that I could see the entire map and barely notice where I was. My UI was still active and when I smelled I could actually see the darkened/highlighted area around my Gorgon. It turned out I could still control the camera and everything the monster did while the camera was stuck like this. As you might expect, it was absolutely unplayable because everything was so tiny that I couldn’t see the hunters or my Gorgon. Screenshot provided below.


Pretty frustrating to lose both games like that but hey, here’s two more bugs for you to fix! :laughing:


I know on Foundry I still get stuck in the sky from time to time, that has been around for Hunter players since the map was released.

Never seen it happen to the Monster though.


You can also report bugs using the ‘issue reporter’ linked in this thread.

It should be a better way for them to log the bugs being reported. :wink:


I assumed that was for forum-related bugs. But thanks for the info :smile:


i’ve never seen those bugs before. lol

thanks for the report though!