Lorewise what happens when a monster loses via time out in Hunt?


Lorewise what happens when a monster loses via time out in Hunt because either the monster is playing like a scaredy cat(FT3 can’t even fight) or the hunters force a bad relay fight(camping and what not).

Like what goes on into those kinds of missions?
What happens to the relay?
Are there any more monsters in the area or did Hank scared them off with his bad tasting food?
Did they all die to the environment?


Hmm good point

Serious Answer: The Monster takes too much damage and retreats

Joking Answer:


The monster throws its controller into the wall in a fit of rage and storms off to bed? All jesting aside, no idea.


I don’t think there is a set in stone answer to this question. Which is to say, that the timer can represent whatever the hell you want it to from match to match. Perhaps at that time hunters get reinforcements, perhaps they were evacuating people in the area, perhaps the monster just gives up, ETC.


Take the cue from evacuation. You are hunting the monster to kill it out delay it from destroying the relay before something else can happen. Other remaining colonists putting up defenses, supplying reinforcements or aid, perhaps in the later stages of the timeline allowing people time to research or find technology.

That is how I have always seen it.


Shear is supposed to be going through a full scale evacuation, so why bother defending relays? The relays are going to be abandoned and destroyed anyway. After all the citizens of shear are evacuated won’t Cabot’s crew just leave? I’m pretty sure the monsters would capatalize and destroy defenseless relays.


Colonists all escaped and are away, so the area doesn’t need anymore protection.


Why not just protect the colonists instead of protecting the power relays. Defending two different things sounds like unnecessary work when you’re being paid to evacuate colonists.


Not sure. Maybe the explosion would kill the colonists?


Power Relays, once destroyed, can destroy many buildings and cause many horrible things to happen. For the humans. There are still stragglers left on the planet after the last Evacuation ship had left.

They need Pt, or Patterson Tech, to put it on their ship to fly off the planet.

They could fly off now, but it would take generations for them to reach a planet.

Even if the people are protected, they can still die from the relay explosions and the post explosion effects.

If Cabot’s crew killed the Monster before he managed to destroy the relay, the humans wouldn’t have to worry about losing power, water, other stuff necessary to build traps and defenses against other Monsters.


I just always assumed that when the timer ran out Ebonstar or the rest of the hunters who finished dealing with their own tasks backs up the hunters.

Ebon Star is still around, they did lose controll over the situation within a week, but they weren’t all killed so the remaining ones are probably doing the exact same thing the hunters are, just not as efficiently since they are soldiers and not planet tamers.


I think that when the monster takes too long, the colonists manage to use the generator to boot up the defenses and force the monster move on to a new undefended location.


Monster keeps feeding and evolving. Eventually at stage 4 or 5 he finally kills all hunters.

The “happy ending”, that hunters won, is just to give them small satisfaction before they face their inevitable doom.



Didn’t Matt suggest that something about the patterson field irritates the monters so they want to destroy it? Maybe if the monster is exposed to a patterson field for too long, something bad happens to its cells. Maybe their brains will get damaged too much. ^^


if my memory is correct hank asked caira the same thing and caira said that the power relays keep the place hot as the place was frozen over

but idk I can’t remember correctly


You’re thinking about Aviary.

This thread pretty much summarizes everything.

I found about three anomalies though, with one of them being the relay in Aviary. Abe asks Caira what this relay is doing in the middle of the area and what it does. Caira says that it’s a thermal regulator, designed to keep the place hotter than what it was before. (A glacier. :stuck_out_tongue: )

However, she also stated that on the glacier where the Aviary is, that the relay doesn’t have any Pt, Patterson Tech which is presumably what the Monsters are after, or anything on the glacier has any of it at all.

So basically, the Monsters are attacking the Aviary for some other reason. >.>


yeah I thought my memory was wrong/right


That’d be the Aviary you’re talking about, but the thing is Aviary doesn’t have any Patterson tech in or under it. According to a convo Abe and Caira had.


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