Lorewise, there would be kids on Shear, right?


I’m just asking because… Research purposes… o.o
I mean there’d obviously be kids right? Or am I wrong in thinking this o.o


Most colonies seem industrial in nature. I see no reason for there to be children there.


That’s actually a good point…
I should probably ask @Matthew - he probably knows most about it. ;_;


Markov states the settlers came to Shear for the promise of free land and the colony is over 50 years old, so there have to be some children there.
They would probably only be found in the cities/towns and not anywhere near the wilderness, where the events in Evolve takes place, as you can imagine the damage even a single Reaver could do if it managed to sneak under a fence. And that’s not even mentioning plants, Mammoth birds and Blitz Leopard, or even worse, a Sloth breaking down your cabin. The wilderness is most likely for armed groups of adults only.


If they were, they’d be the first to die in a harsh environment, with monsters, famine, disease, etc. In any case, why do you bring the point? We don’t get to see a lot of civilians in the game anyway, except in rescue.


I like to gather intel, I’m kinda writing a fic at the moment to kill time and I’m just brainstorming ideas.


It would be really strange if there were no children on Shear. Not allowing the colonist to get children would be rather… Inhumane and as @MrTalha already mentioned, the colony has existed in over 50 years. Lots of time to make babies.


Yeah… I would’ve expected as much. XD I was just uncertain, I dunno why but I guess its because you never really see kids in video games.
Oh, right.
I just realised there HAS to be kids… There’s a play park in the Slagtown. DUH!


Oh yeah. Totally forgot about the playground. xD


Children evacuated first perhaps?


Or the monsters ate them first… maybe they like tender meat


We have such a finicky moral compass. Dismemberment, language, violence galore.

But God forbid anyone adds children into a game…


I get what you mean, but they technically wouldn’t be relevant in the industrial areas of Shear, which is where we mainly are focussed on ^^


Funny you should say that, but there’s a playground for children in one of the two urban maps.


Already noted. ;3


Yay! We got the children to safety!

Instantly mortified when I read this… @_@…


I do get your point though, with why there’d be few kids, but that to me at least, applies only to secret locations such as refueling tower (since apparently Bohrium consumption there is off the charts, even though the stuff costs a goldmine to acquire)

Most are colonists trying to make a better life, so it’s safe to assume they would have kids within shears first 50 years.

What strengthens that fact to me is the fact that Cabots group is called “Planet Tamers” not monster hunters, I can assume groups like them came 50 years ago to cleanse local threatening wildlife populations for colonies.


Rip children of shear


If Realism is the topic here… I highly doubt Goliath would join in a game of Hopscotch with the kids…


Hunters prolly killed them all…evil b@@t@r@s. I mean seriously all the monster wants to do is eat. Leave the poor thing alone, no need to go around killing them.cant see them having any more sympathy for children if this is how they value life.