Lorewise, how capable is the Laurie Ann in an aerial/space firefight?


I would like to know, I mean does the Laurie Ann have the capabilities to take on say a small fighter squadron? or can it go for bigger prey, and successfully win fights with ships it’s height or above? would like answers, thank you.


Yeah… let’s hope the small fighter squadron’s guns are fake.


The Laurie-Ann lacks any and all weaponry.


I’m pretty sure dead women can’t fly.

(Too much…?)


It’s a transport ship, first and foremost. Best I assume it could do is drop rods from above.

Make no mistake, it’s still a powerful weapon!


It’s unarmed and unarmored. Best case scenario, it manages to drag the enemy ships around using whatever mechanism it uses to tow larger ships. It could probably whiplash fighters into obstacles if it caught them, while large ships would get pulled into each others way. Worse case, and most likely, scenario is that it gets shredded in seconds.


I would assume the Laurie-Anne would have some sort of defenses since it’s out in the Arm. Wouldn’t there be pirates out in that territory or is it generally under control by law enforcment? I’ve had the assumption the Far Arm was just lawless space controlled by the Corporations?