LORE: When the clock runs out and the hunters win


Since the monster is there destroy the Paterson drive, it makes sense that it has two victory conditions
A) Evolve to stage 3 and destroy the drive directly
B) Kill the hunters, thus leaving nobody in your way to achieve A

However there is a problem with the Hunter’s victory conditions
A) Kill the monster, thus saving the Paterson drive
B) run out the clock … which stops the monster because … it has a bedtime?

Why do the hunters win when the clock runs out? I get the gameplay mechanics reason, but it makes no sense. As long as the monster is alive, it poses a threat to the Paterson tech, and it’s not like the monster has a reason to “give up” after an arbitrary amount of time.

Solution: Add something in space, a satellite or something, like Jack’s beacon but a LOT more powerful, and which takes 12 minutes to charge (give or take). Once the clock runs out the satellite pinpoints the monster’s location and takes it out with a Death Star worthy pillar of light energy.

It would be more satisfying for the Hunters than just flying away from the area while the monster presumably waves goodbye at them, and it wouldn’t take that much work, as it would just require a new victory animation. Honestly there should be more anyway.


Add nuclear missile/VTOL/Rocket Pods/Rail Cannon that kill the monster instantly when clock runs out


Or maybe, after 15 minutes the monster’s biological clock runs out? Maybe evolving three stages shortens its lifespan unless the relay is destroyed (messes with its biology or something)


What happens is after the time limit is fully up, the generator generates enough power to shield itself from any possible attacks, something along those lines.

Unfortunately. I’d love for cooler stuff to happen, but in the interests of “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, that works pretty easily too.


I actually really like this idea. It’s simple, logical, and isn’t a hard concept to grasp or explain at all.




I just assumed they’d managed to get away with the parts they needed before the monster could blow everything to hell


or backup comes. so many possibilities :slight_smile:
but an ion cannon would be fun


You know what, I’d always assumed it was because the hunters were just trying to evacuate people, not save the tech. But that doesn’t make sense, since the tech isn’t used to evacuate people anyways. Well crap, that just shattered my whole world.


In evacuation the monster had to destroy the relay to destroy a ship before the ship can take off. In hunt its probably the same reason although in hunt you cant see the ship


The colony is being abandoned, the so simplest explanation is that they only have to hold any given position for a set amount of time.

But, fundamentally it doesn’t make sense. It’s just, the hunters have to kill the monster, except when they don’t.


ok,then what for did they have EVEN started the battle with Monster if they wanna just 2 leave this planet?


they need to make that if time run out, monster will win, because it will force the hunter to continuous finding the monster, instead of going back to the relay!!


Then you´d get a mushroom cloud pal. Hank explained the fact that you can´t put a Paterson shield around a Paterson Device without causing a massive explosion. The shield the hunters use for example such as the shield drone and projector seem to use Rank Rajat generators rather than a Paterson device so it´s likely the shield that surrounds the Relay if we´re close uses a similar shield rather than a Paterson shield. And obviously the monster is not entirely stopped by those kind of shields.


The shield still charges till it’s immune to monster damage currently.


The relays in each map controls specific devices in each map, for example in weather control, if the monster destroys the relay it will cause the weather control device to malfunction and cause massive lightning storm around it’s area or something more harsher weather. Wraith Trap will release the trapped Wraith.

They should really add cutscene when the relay is destroyed.
This would be awesome than just killing hunters and also add bonus reward when destroying relays.


Honestly, after doing my analysis of monster biology, I’d totally hypothesize this myself. I always assumed that the time out was indicative of either the Patterson generator’s shield ramping up to max strength or the monster realizing that that area is too well defended and moving on. I really like the idea of over accelerated biologic degradation though.


This used to be completely correct. But as new tiers have been added the story of the game has progressed. At this point the monsters are basically winning, the hunters have rescued who they can, and are now trying to get out of there


But see, I don’t see how it ever made sense in a context outside of Defend. Unless it was like, “We need the Fusion Plant to do X, sweet, it did it, and now we’re off”


Their ship doesn’t have the ftl capabilities they need to get out of there - and they’re salvaging Patterson tech from the locations hoping to be capable of doing so.