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I was just thinking it would pretty cool to put Matthew’s canon story’s in game as readable lore sections . For example Kala’s lore story, from the main menu you would navigate to profile, select support, scroll over to Kala, go past her leaderboard’s and masteries and see “Lore” . And it would contain Matthew’s lore story on her
Let me know if you think this is a good or bad idea :smile:

I think a lot of people don’t know about these stories, and this would be a good way for all the evolve players who don’t use the forums to find out more stuff about the universe of evolve :smile:
I don’t think every character has a story yet but I still think it would be a cool idea.


I think it would be pretty cool. I know that at one point in development they were discussing having a ‘Hunters Journal’ that unlocked lore after killing X amount of monsters/wildlife etc… but it got scrapped.


I think we’ve got to a point where actually there’s so much of this stuff out there that it’d be great to have an area in game for it to be read and explored.


I think that would still be a pretty cool idea, also gives more incentive to fight wildlife which I’m all for.


Until you and the rest of your team dome the monster and you turn around and realize that your medic/assault are hunting down Spotters :stuck_out_tongue: But ya…

Also, it should be narrated by Griffin (With info on monsters and wildlife) and Morgan Freeman for the background story :smiley:


I died


I’d be up for random “drops” that are entirely unrelated to anything but chance during play time. Finding things like colonist journals (just by chance, nothing else), nordita transmissions, etc… would be very awesome


I’d like that, it gives hunters more things to look foward to then just murdering a giant monster .


You mean clearing out the human infestation… right? :slightly_smiling:

Actually, eating those pre-spawned colonists could have a tracker and after a certain amount you could get colonists journals. So to get the full story you play both sides.


You’re right, that was a bad typo on my part.


Btw, i love this idea. Actually, it would be even more comfortable if we can read the lore pages while in matchmaking, i mean, you know sometimes it can take some minutes before getting matched with other players, wouldn’t be bad if they add the lore section into the profile section of the characters.


Yeah that’s what I wanted to, easily accessible. I think a lot of veteran players and new players alike would like this.


One thing I’d like to see, in this vein, is a timeline. It’d be great to have a timeline of events unlock as you play through, some dates and descriptions of events. Maybe only in Evacuation, or maybe just with greater “drops” in Evacuation?

Given how modular this game is the timeline doesn’t have to have an end point either.


Yes I completely agree, this is good in two ways. An increase number of players playing evacuation, and or, an increased number of players coming back to play in general to obtain these things. RNG makes players keep trying and playing to get said item, it’s pretty genius.


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