Lore question: Why do we hunt them?


So, I must be lacking in lore knowledge, Because clearly the monsters cannot get off planet, and none of them seems habited anyways. Why not just leave them be?


Actually the monsters can get off planet, and have wiped out plenty of colonies prior. The hunters can’t leave, though, because they don’t have a patterson drive.


The hunters are there to rescue colonists. None of the maps that made it into S2 so far show this well, as all you see are empty buildings.

In some of the yet-to-be-reworked maps you see bodies/damage left over from the monsters initial attack. Also it was a proper hunting game, not just a fighting game with occasional running, so it was more “there’s a monster here somewhere wrecking something, search the surrounding area and kill it”.

There was also a co-op campaign with some silly variations on the main mode which clarified the overall events going on - one showed the monsters hatching from eggs, another had you actually trying to rescue civilians before the monster got them, etc.


The humans were on the planet before the monsters were.


They are kinda bent on human destruction… They don’t like the use of the Patterson tech and humans use a lot of that… like a large amount… Cough The monsters are linked to the Patterson theories and have access to stuff like FTL as seen they got from Factor to Shear.


The monsters are from the dimension the paterson drive technology uses for faster than light travel.

Basically its like if you saw a mouse out of the corner of your eye, and followed it back to its mouse hole. By using the patterson drive tech it alerts the monsters to their location and the monsters can biologically travel through this dimension and manifest on any planet they want.

Their main goal isn’t to kill people though, its to destroy the patterson technology (relays) in each map.


Imagine you’re sitting at home, minding your own business then outta nowhere some bloke in a bulldozer smashes through your living room wall. You’d be posses wouldn’t you? That’s basically whats happening for the monsters. They lived peacefully in their own dimension but the humans created the ‘Patterson Field’. The Relays use this ‘Patterson Field’ for experiments and shit but it damaged the monster entities. These other dimensional creatures sent the monsters through transport pods (eggs) to destroy the Relays (or Patterson Drives) as they are annoying them. The hunters are there to stop them.


so basically the monster’s are the good guys, that’s awsome and kinda sad because these monsters were peaceful


I wouldn’t call them peaceful. Maybe more like super protective of their belongings or something? lol


semi peaceful then?


It’s been not very subtly hinted in dropship convos, that the monsters are artificially engineered weapons of war. So that means the monsters themselves aren’t the pissed-off alt-dimension denizens, but something akin to an invasion force or weapon bombardment sent by some sentient race.


This is my own personal theory- that’s what the monsters are. Like the universe is an immune system and the monsters are killer white blood cells, seeking out and destroying a lethal pathogen.

They go after the Patterson Tech because that’s what makes the humans so harmful to the universe, it’s tearing it apart.


Pretty sure @Matthew said the monsters arent made up,neither by man or alien entities


Yes, he said that the explanation for them would remain mainly a mystery because he wanted them to have a Lovecraftian feel to them, and if he did ever explain their creation it wouldn’t be something as banal as “humans made them.”


Maybe I shouldn’t be so sure, but there was one convoy where Caira directly tells Cabot she thinks the monsters are designed. And another one, with Kala, where she mentions the monsters’ HNA is what people wound up with when trying to “design a better DNA”.

And as for the downed Kala quotes, they do sound like what this attacking race would say if they were fanatically self-righteous. Think ideological-extremenist “holy war” types.


There are plenty of dialogues like that. Even one in game where she mentions that Goliath seems like a cross between two animals on different planets. She’s just wrong, though. It’s natural for her to jump to that conclusion at first given the limited knowledge she has. [quote=“FlyingFactory, post:15, topic:100759”]
And another one, with Kala, where she mentions the monsters’ HNA is what people wound up with when trying to “design a better DNA”.

Yeah, it’s kind of like she’s remarking on the monster biology by mentioning that their genetic material is literally the kind that we dream of using. She’s not really alluding to them being artificial.

Main reasons why they’re really not man made though, is because the writer basically said so, and because that would be an extremely disappointing copout explanation.

Here’s the screenshot if anyone’s curious, it’s on a thread titled “T5 Basilisk Soldier” if you want to go dig it up.


Not man made does not automatically mean not artificial. They could still be engineered by some force in the Patterson dimension, be that some creative intelligence or some kind of natural response to human invasive activities.


From what I remember, monsters are trans-dimensional beings by a central hive-mind of sorts they have no physical form per-say. They have a social hierarchy, Goliaths at the bottom as foot soldiers the others are in-between with the Wraith sitting near the top in that regard.

They have a hatred for all life (Kala’s dialogue - listen to her while she’s down) including themselves, an extreme hatred for Patterson tech because it causes fluctuations in the fabric of space time or some such. There should be a lore thread floating around if you search hard enough.


Yep, yep. That’s what I meant. It’s too much of a coincidence that HNA, the best possible genetic code structure, created by intelligent design, just happens to be what the monsters are using naturally. Nature doesn’t work that way; there are usually flaws and stuff, and something that is ‘good enough’ and easier to randomly mutate into tends to become the norm instead of the ‘perfect design’. So the monsters had to have been created. By who or by what, who knows?


Matthew does. :smile_cat: