Lore Guesses

I’m confident that the number is one thousand Lazarus men.

Calling @mikeylikesit to confirm the number, since he should know :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m going to have to play as Laura’s some more and hope I hear the number again, or if it was a tip then maybe I’ll see it when I get on next

It was 1,000 Lazarus Men.

Also, this essentially confirms that Host and 5th Monster are NOT the same…

But…that also means that Host is a canon Monster (albeit with a different name.)


I always thought the eggs/monsters were a weapon from the Mutagen wars where Hub mastered HNA. The far arm has the rebel planets (which is why CIG9 started/encouraged one of the mutagen wars) trying to leave Hub back on Earth and as a scare tactic they send the monsters created with HNA to demolish some colonies as a show of force.

Eggs are transmitters according to Caira but they dont know what theyre transmitting. I thought maybe the eggs were ‘downloading’ the best traits of the planets wildlife to create ultimate alpha predators with HNA. Kraken has mammoth bird traits, tyrant spines and features on its arms and back. Goliath has the attributes of a better Sloth with venomhound spikes. wraiths arms look like a better version of dune beetle claws, spikes from the back of a blitzleopard. This would explain why maggie said the monsters on shear werent any of the ones that destroyed factor. Factor has its own wildlife that the eggs drew attributes from.

Why the monsters are attracted to patterson drives could be so the rebels cant bring the fight back home to Earth since Vals boss said the ‘attacks’ were lining up towards earth if the aliens had a plan pattern.

Plot twist for the lols: this is all a dream of Cabots. Hes acually on his death bed in a coma from being shot by that chinese guy he went to chase with Bucket. :slight_smile:

The devs have already said that an explanation as simple as the basilisk nebula or hub did it won’t be happening. They want to leave them as monsters something that can’t be explained away as well it was the mutagen companies.

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That sounds good, also supports my false idea that the behemoths came from factor and landed on shear, becuase behemoth was on factor, that was confirmed right? Behemoth being the monster that was made of stone

I know this isn’t the truth, just fantasizing here

Yes, Behemoth was the one on Factor. His loading screen tips say so.

Behemoth is known as, “the Scourge of Factor.”

I know thats not exactly exciting knowing the monsters are human engineered…but its always a possible idea. I seen a Laz dropship convo where he said the first mutagen war happened because Hub tried to find the answer to human immortality. What if HNA was their answer? Any damaged and aging process gets rewritten with HNA that they can program. Only they also chose to weaponize it to prevent future wars. Could also explain why basilisk soldiers are hunted…they dont want that tech getting studied against them.

So why aren’t the HUB people immortal then

@Matthew Why Is Behemoth called the Bane of Factor? Was he the most common?
Did they do the most damage?
Were they the ones that destroyed the planet?
Why such a specific title for 1 monster?

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I’m not saying that human engineered monsters are exciting or boring or commenting on what I’d like them to be. I’m stating the fact that the writer has said humans did not create the monsters.

Ah well then…

Technically humans are aliens on Shear and Factor. So unless they are like Caira suggested a biological defense mechanism for the planet then they are some form of alien and could either be things from inside the warp, alien created super weapons or just some random alien species that decided to go smashing through human space. Probably some other option but only ones I can think of atm.

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Caira confirms that the Monsters are not manmade. she says, “not manmade,” directly. HNA (anhexitol nucleic acid) is as “designed,” as dextroamino acids and levoproteins. In chirality, all that means is that their handedness is shifted.

To us, we would say that they are, “designed,” because they don’t exist in our nature. Though, they could exist like that naturally on some planet, that would describe our chirality as something crazy and alien.

As far as the eggs, they aren’t so much transmitters as antennae. Meaning that they’re more like receivers than transmitters. A Faraday cage works better at detecting incoming signals than outgoing.

If they really wanted to detect how the Monster eggs worked, they probably could suspend it in a bubble chamber while it was covered in a Rajat field.

She proposes that, but then points out that they are also foreign. Just like the progressive conversations about an old lady in a Monster killer A-unit and Lennox, I would say that the biological defense system is an earlier piece of dialogue and her statements of the Monsters being completely alien is her already canceling that theory (defense system.)

I never really bought that theory either but it was mentioned at one point so I brought it up.

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Well according to Maggie there were two types of monsters on factor, behemoth and the host, so out of the two behemoth seems to be more dangerous

Well it’s just that the minions are only Goliaths. So they would probably be more dangerous.
But the fact that it has a special title intrigues me.