[Lore discussion] Sunny is alive?!


How did she survive that explosion on the Solaris / Sword? Abe even tells Parnell that nobody made it. I needs to know.



Sunny is the first story you’re posting. Fact.

…Pretty please?


I assume that will be revealed through tidbits of dialogue and developers hinting on the forums. Also, @Matthew mentioned that there will be new backstories for the new hunters on the forums. Can’t wait!


Escape pod is the only way I can imagine *they could have saved themselves from that. Can’t wait for Matthew to fill us in. :smile:

*by “they” I mean Sunny AND Mason.


Ex Machina Brand Escape Pods, for all your physics-defying needs.


Omg its that sunny! Ah, I knew they were robot clones. It explains everything! Also, if she survived somehow she would be the most awesomest character ever.


I heard somewhere Sunny is Cabot’s daughter. I’m guessing this is a lie?


I was wondering the exact same.



I 've read the backstories, I know what Sunny did. I just remember hearing someone say Sunny was Cabot’s daughter. When I asked this on reddit, another person acted like there were multiple Sunnies.


Im pretty sure the stories is the only information out there and the art book


I’m pumped to hear more about this. Surprise return of the Sunny!


That’s what my guess was, that my info was false. Thanks for helping me clear this up :bucket_salute:


Sunny WAS Cabot’s daughter in Metamorphosis.


I think it was something that was written out of the early story. The ‘rumor’ is that the dropship is named after Cabot’s daughter.


It is in the Development Of Evolve Thread, in the original stage of the game Cabot had a daughter that would pilot the Laurie-Ann named Sunny.


What’s making you think she’s alive?


Ah, thanks. That makes a lot of sense.


The fact that she’s the new fourth support.


I feel like Mason died to save Sunny. He was already on the path of redemption with his actions. Why not make him really memorable and have him save Sunny imo. He’s never going to have a place in the story again. He served his primary purpose.