Lopsided Team Comps?


I feel that a few specific team comps lead to a bit of toxic feeling matches, or should i say I feel that a lot of helplessness when facing certain groups of hunters together when I play nearly any monster and I wished to address this as I have more or less also played on a similar team before when playing with friends.

Essentially teams that can stack slows and or debuffs while are a testament to teamwork and etc I feel create a situation where as a monster player I feel that I do not wish to try my luck at all when facing a team such as this. EX val/RV, Abe, hyde, and kala. As it becomes now in stage 2 spread out but close enough to jump in (which isn’t a problem in itself normally), slow the monster, DOTs, kala with health damage and basically wait until dome is down (which honestly presents a problem I feel that can be adjusted with how the current dome is). As a hunter, i fond of games like this and I only usually may see it with prior exp players or with friends, but as a monster, i feel that I’m constantly running for my life to even feed without getting tracker or damaged.

In the end, all I’m really saying is maybe some changes to the amount of applied debuffs or something. Because I used to believe (prior to stage up) that this was needed for the more annoying monsters who could quickly run in and out or avoid damage by hiding or running in the air or cloaking but as the game is now I do not believe this is needed anymore…