Looking to start a team (PS4)


As the title states I am looking for a hunter team and a monster player to hopefully play this coming weekend.

My preference is medic but I can play any role. If you want to do medic and think you can do it better than me I will have no problem surrendering the role.

I’m North America, eastern time zone. and typically play late night sometimes into the morning even but I can pretty much be on any time so practice times are very flexible for me. I’m a very relaxed player who just wants to have some fun, I’m not the kind of person who gets upset when we lose and starts playing the blame game.

Even if you don’t think you’re that good of a player I would love to see you at least try. With practice anyone can become better. just hit me up on here or on message me on the Playstation. My PSN is the same as my username.

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I added you to a big group message on psn with a bunch if hunters, hopefully it helps!

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Just saw that. Thanks man.