Looking to make a steady Xbone Evolve team. Mics Only


I Think a great team would be Caira, Sunny, Griffin, and variable assault depending on monster.

It would be a speed dome stage 1 team ideally.

Sunny boosts only assault and griffin after drop, and Caira would keep sunny caught up with adrenaline. Ensuring the fastest moving team, helping Griffen get the neccesary sound spikes up and to launch him Leeroy Jenkins style at the monster but without the dangerous wait for the rest of the team to catch up.

I usually play Griffen but I make a mean sunny too.

Add and message preferance on xbox live.

Gt. SQUARE Necron


WELL, I don’t have tier 4 hunters yet, but I should have them by tomorrow. I pref. support, medic, or Monster. I use Kinect for mic, (Sorry, saving up for headset) Would be honored to join your team. I might not always be on tho (School, other stuff, ect.)


GT: Videogamer954


The only tier 4 I need to have is sunny and I can do that. Added ya.


Ok, will have to add you soon, family is hogging TV -_-