Looking To Join Competitive Team 4 ESL (XBOX)


Been playing the game since the alpha, very experienced and was a team captain for a long time. My preferred classes are medic/support/assault but can play anything competitively on the hunter side of things.

sun tzu357 is my GT


i have a team but we do scrim alot, when your free hit me up
GT: ArcticStorm321
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMaoui-enFr2CZtDSS1BEZQ

happy hunting


So you have an opening or?


If you need a monster to scrim against anytime let me know. Im top 150 goliath, 700 kraken and 1k wraith LMK


yeah man just send me a message :smiley:


no open slots but we are always willing to scrim anyone