Looking to join a GB team

Platform: Xbox One
GT = Achilles2129
Country: USA
Time Zone: East Coast (EST)
Plays: evenings and nights
Have mic

*# 130 Goliath, former # 4 Griffin, play all roles and have many elites. I communicate well and can log hours most nights.
Really interested in competitive experience, and getting some wins against high quality opponents.
Reply on here, send private message or message me on Xbox.

Ali hit me up. I’m looking to get a pretty serious squad together to be honest. I have a lot of people I love to pla with but I wouldn’t say I have a compettive squad. I’ll run medic.

I can attest, he is a great medic!


My team is looking to recruit a monster and a support role if anyone is interested! @MeTheBigShow I was playing with the team when you saw me on as Grimiocus.

I’m down for sure.

im the best player on evolve forsure