Looking to Improve Monster


So, I’ve been around since the beginning, but I’ve played sparingly due to the low population and then I got stuck in Bronze in the Legacy ranked. I’ve now decided I’m going to go ahead and main monster, though I’m still indecisive about which one to main. My friends have suggested I focus on Elder Kraken if that can narrow it down. I’mhoping to find some players to brutally defeat me so I can get better at the game.
Alternatively or in addition, I can upload some videos of games that are close fights or losses to get some tips.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to get some feedback!


You can play any monster you want, there isn’t really a “bad” monster in this game. It really all depends on your playstyle.

Perhaps Meteor Goliath would be wise, although you will need to know how to hit your abilities well.
Wraith I think can be a beast with right perks (such as the slow melee attack perk and increased dmg melee perk)


If you want to be fair don’t choose Gorgon or Wraith

Goliath and MG are powerful and balanced


I avoid the more toxic monsters based on the current meta trend. I tend to rotate a different one each round to break monotony in quick play. I want to go into ranked with a monster I can prioritize first to 40 before moving onto the next. At the current state, there’s still a lot of new players who aren’t at the skill level I’m at, so I’m hoping to find some who above me.
I watch quite a bit of Deanimate and it’s improved my Goliath game play tremendously as well as helped the others to a degree. Though, when it comes down to the really strong comps with good teams I can tend to struggle. I can’t seem to pinpoint their weakness despite counting jet pack boosts, but another character blocking really drops my punishment on the hunters.
I’m not looking for a strong monster (I punish myself with Behemoth often), just one to fix my focus to.