Looking to Grow the community. PS4


Hey people, the Evolve community is pretty small. We would like to extend an invitation to all players on PS4 to talk about what we can do to help this amazing game. If you need players to play with or are just learning the game we would like to talk to you. We play this game every single day and don’t want to see it go. @DracoDefender484


I always look forward to playing some Evolve when I wake up. My PSN ID is AstralCannibal21, if anyone would like to add me. I look forward to playing with each and every one of you. Maybe the Devs will see this and we can get some community Hunters vs Dev monsters. Oh, I would love to fight against Shak.


I would love that too. This community is small but connected and we need to make sure this game doesn’t dry up any and all PS4 players have to unite to make this game what it is meant to be


That would be awesome man, to play some of the Devs.


Add me : Spinosaure

It’s a struggle to find any game aside from weekends, that’s really not good at all for such a young game …


Are you sure you’re on Ps4? I’m in America and I’ve never ever had trouble.


I agree man we need a community as big as other games and we need to get everyone on board for this add me on PSN mine is DracoDefender484


It’s hard karate a lot of people don’t like to play monster and most of the time a team will be stuck with bots. I want a game where you get a full match every time


I’m in Europe so maybe the player pool is dying more quickly here … I’ve heard Oceanic region had the same lack of people. That is such a shame. :frowning:


If you’re in the EU region, add Steatron and HerbalistgoesPvP.

Both are awesome guys and players.


It is hard man but if we can bring in more people then that lack of players will be a thing of the past


Yes on PS4, nobody wants to play monster … Games always begin with an AI controlled monster, then eventually a guy will join but will leave asap …


Thanks will do that !


I wish I could still play with them it I’m in the U.S. my work schedule changed but anyway, that’s the kind of thing we’re trying to do here. Get the community together.


I would like to have more familier players on my matchmaking. I spend too long facepalming at a lack of covering a fragile medic.

EMEA region player (Britain)
PS4: HaughtyBiscuit


Hey everyone tomorrow I will be doing a stream to help teach and guide players in seek of help for this game so please stop by. My twitch name is DracoDefender484 please share this with any evolve gamer you know that wants to become a better player either hunter or monster


We are the last of 4 players on this side of the Atlantic. Be proud.
No seriously, the moneygrub must be seen as a lesson to the dev’s as well as the lack of decent communication. The balancing issues and multiple unfixed bugs from day1 and no-one adressing it in the livestreams, rather talk about some dudes beard and some fancy chair , whtvr. I have faith it’ll turn for the better , but hmmm…


Hey everyone I am doing an Evolve Training Night my twitch is DracoDefender484 come and watch and learn


Would it be worth setting up a lfg ps4 chat?


Yeah that would be a great idea actually