Looking To Get A Great Team For The Chappie Challenge


I’d like to get up with some people over the weekend to practice A LOT. The team I have been running with have 2 people that are UK based and it’s for US only (bummer). Looking for older gamers (i’m 30 myself) that are laid back but still have that competitive spirit and willing to help each other out with tips and feedback. Stuff can get heated sometimes but it’s only because we want to WIN and be the best, so take the criticism, accept your mistakes, learn from them, and move on to laughing and cutting up with each other, after all, we’re here to have some fun and learn everything we can. There are 2-3 of us (our monster/support is not sure about his schedule yet). I can play anything but Monster competitively but I prefer Support/Medic. We have a really great Trapper as well. We are in the top few hundred in the world on our main characters (not bragging, just facts) and are looking for the same in our possible teammates. We have been practicing all week and just yesterday found out that two of us can’t play so we are scrambling to find some teammates. So if you’re a good Monster/Assault/Medic hit us up and we will try to practice over the weekend and see if we fit good as a team. My name is Jordan but on the ol xbox I’m known as sun tzu357, so shoot me an invite in the morning or hit me up on here and we will see what we can do. I really think we have a shot!


Hey man ! I also need a team for the chappie and i can extremely good at being support but mostly i can be the teams monster. I am ranked 90th with Kraken and i play Monster everyday solo so i have routes on every map. hmu man im 19years old and Im on a lot including right now if you want to talk in a party more in deatail about this my GT is ( x Boozey )


Can ppl sign in as monster player?


I’ll be on tomorrow afternoon, add me on xbox and we will get together and see how it goes.


naw, one person has to be a monster/hunter. 4 person limit.


I dont know ur GT man so if you could add me or tell me ur gt ill add you


k it’s in the post but here it is again, sun tzu357. I won’t forget, should be on around 12 est.


don’t forget, you will also need to play hunter as well. (assault probably)


Ok im fine with any hunter man im very versatile


excellent my man, i’ll holler at you tomorrow then.


Edited your topic for 'ya.


o did i have it in the wrong place? thanks dude!


Yeah, it was supposed to be in “Looking for Group”, but it’s all good man. Best of luck to you!


hey i msgd you on xbox can you get on and invite im reallly trying to scrim teams


I am also down to join I tried to get a team together but that didn’t work out. I know there’s 5 hours left. But if you got room I’m great at all classes and follow orders pretty well. My gt is SilenceWarrior