Looking to find a steady team. (Xbox One)


I play trapper and am looking for a few people who understand how to play their role and want to use mics and play together consistently. I am especially looking for a good assault that can draw aggro and do damage. These are insanely hard to come by.

GT: TheFeralMerc


Hey :slight_smile: others on the xbox are looking for group right now try here:


That gridom website seems like a good idea, but there weren’t any lobbies for Xbox one when I checked.

If you want a casual Xbox one player (monster or Hunter) that uses his mic, hit me up.


Generally play nights, central us time zone.


Cool man i´ll add you! :smile:
There are 12 xbox one games created at the moment though.

See you later.


Ah, I see that now. Cool. I’ll check this next time I’m playing…


XxpsychedyuxX I play both causal and competitive. 25 East Coast. Chill and down to earth to help describe my personality


This topic is now closed, as a link was provided. You might also want to try here if you can’t find anyone on Gridom:

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