Looking to create a new avatar for livestreaming... creative block


This was my current image. I had used it for a while in almost everything I work on:

It contained a Wind Waker esque Samus. I loved both the art-style in Wind Waker, and Metroid Samus (Not in a zero-suit).

These are some of the avatars I’ve made thus far, but wasn’t happy with them:

and a gallery of stuff that I’ve done beforehand for livestream work:

So, to clarify what I want… I’m not looking for someone to make me something. Unless it’s something I really like, I’m more than likely going to want to make the Avatar myself. I’m limited to reusing other’s works unless they are simple shapes I can make via the pen tool in Photoshop. I’m essentially looking for something that has a distinguishable shape with a white background so it’s easier to stand out from any resolution. If you ahve any ideas for me, please let me know =)


If you’re looking for something more Evolve-themed… @Slewey nicely compiled these icons from the game: T4 Hunters Added - Apr 3 - Slewey's Evolve Renders
There is also this:

and this:


No. I don’t want it to be any theme unless it’s Metroid related. It’s either no theme, or Metroid theme.

Plus, I already have a few of those icons myself from when I was making wallpapers =P


Why not have a metroid ‘esque’ shadow? They are fairly discernable even when not colored. Plus, what isn’t to like about a floating jellyfish that sucks life out of things? :smiley: Bonus: Name it Daisy


What do you mean, have a shadow? o.0

I’m trying to prevent using something as generic as that though. It’d be like using ZSS(Zero Suit Samus) for your avatar. There’s bound to be many other people that have it.

I really liked the size/pose of the previous avatar that I used. It also helped that it was pretty unique… like, I don’t think I can find that image on google as easily unless I specifically search for it.


By Shadow I mean your first avatar had a silhouette instead of definition. Fair enough about wanting to be unique. What kind of geometric shapes do you like? Spheres, ovals, squares, randomness, pentagons? Do you like jagged edges? Textures?


Any can do. I’m just unsure what to try and make. Overall, I dislike having any kind of shape in the background unless it’s part of it (IE. a globe of the earth).

I am definitely interested in silhouettes. A couple of things on google caught my eye but I don’t have the neccessary experience to recreate them as silhouettes.

How would the [PC] competitive community feel about these ideas

Here are a couple silhouettes I found that might help me narrow down what you are looking for. Do either of these work?

This one reminds me of Goliath.


No =\ It does help narrow things down a bit though.


Thats a plus though :slight_smile: