Looking to be better at the game and make friends

Hey all! I just got evolve not to long ago and I love it. I have no one to play with and was hoping to find some buddies to play with. I’m still pretty new to the game so I’m not that great but I’m willing to learn and be better. So you guys wouldn’t mind leaving your psn on here I wouls be happy to add you OR I’ll leave mine here so you can add me whatever works for you! PSN: Sigma_XI


Hit me up! I’m always happy to join with other people :smile:
Pubs get really annoying after a while so pleaseplease hit me up.

I’ll be your friend! And fellow monster :blush:

Psn: Epicbros246

Awesome! Leave me your psn and I’ll add you after work!

oh wait, i messed up :sweat_smile: i misread i thought it was on pc not psn (well, i do have a version of evolve on ps4 but i don’t play it, it’s for my bro) so sorry! my bad. :cry:

LOL its alright mate. We can stuill chat on hre help me with some tips and stuff.

Thank you so much! I’ll add you after work!

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Yeah! Put up some recordings of some games and the whole community will be willing to give ya some pointers :smile:

:smiling_imp: one pointer i will be happy to help you with is how to properly sneak as the monster and or evade the hunters till stage 2 or 3 ( o.o I ended up hunting the hunters when one turned around to see me sneaking I ended up pouncing them ). my psn name is the name you see so basically psn : browngpt

I will add you asap

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I’m a pretty good player all around, so if you’re looking for a hunter to play with or a monster to train against you can add me. BigMoNsTeR6277

It’s so refreshing to see people on this forum who actually want to make friends and not just find people for tournaments.

I’m a monster guy, but I sometimes dabble in Trapper… And I’d love someone to play with casually on PS4

My username’s JrMynt
Let’s tawk.

I’ll totally send you a request. I’ve made a few friends and we make a good team so you can be our monster to play against.

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I’d be honored! :slight_smile:

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Psn is the same as on here