Looking to add people who use mics and teamwork.PS4


I have lost so many matches because there is no teamwork. I also have had times when people don’t do their job. So please, if you have a mic please step up. I play everything except assault. Mics Plz.


you can add me. What’s your region? That might be helpful.


USA (Central Time Zone)


Cool. I’m eastern. Send me a request. I will be on later tonight.


Sweet. - demonhunter1245
Was gold before the update lol


I’ve changed the category to ‘looking for group’ so it’s easier for people to find this topic. Looks like you got quick responses so happy hunting. :smile:


Oh cool. Thanks.


Same here I myself mostly play support or medic username is john982802 for PSN


I think I ran into you last night.


Yes you did


Was either one of us monster?
And how mad was I? lol

I did some things last night in game I’m not proud of…


No you were assault and I was trapper you raged quited because some guy was trash talking me on how “bad” I was at it when in reality I was doing okay


Is this the “wraith not in the dome guy”?

I’m sorry about that… He really pissed me off. He started using racial slurs and mad me decided fire for fire was the best way to fight. lol


Yes I know you were helping me and all but I think you should of ignored him and instead kept on playing. I was laughing my ass off with the amount insults he was throwing at me but in the end I just left as will because he wasn’t a very good support as well


Psn: Chronomercenary. I am an experienced player who plays medic as main but I can fill other roles. I have a mic and I’m a good team player and I’m always open to advice. I work overnight so I’m on at weird hours, Central timezone, but if you see me online send me an invite and I’ll drop any other game I’m playing and jump into Evolve.


Yeah I don’t usually do that.

It takes a lot to make me mad and I’m usually pretty chill.


Either way feel free to add me to your friends list.like I said my PSN is john982802 and one tip if you ever feel angry play as monster in hunt play and win against a bunch of low level players. you don’t know how fun it is playing a two story monster killing machine.


Aight. I’ll add you tomorrow when I get on.


Do i have you as a friend already? Psn: Lavadragon2k


Indeed we are friends. Shoot me an invite if you see me own next time.