Looking get a PS4 team going


What’s up guys I’m looking get a team going. If you’re tired of getting playing with random players who don’t play as a team or they’re just down right stupid then you’re not alone. I’m on level 24 and I play assault. Now all I ask is

Don’t be a kid
Have a mic and actually talk
Don’t be a jackass
Be a team player
Party it up with your team- what good is if you play with them once and never do it again.

Hit me up with a friends request BlackMamba679


Oh and no reason to put up your PSN name on here just add me.


2 down 1 to go. Trapper and medic are now gone. It’s filling up fast. I just need good support. This isn’t some silly thing you just team up every once in a while. This is some thing serious. I want a team who I can count on when I fire up Evolve. I need to know you have my back.


I thought I was your medic :wink:


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