Looking for xbox ppl with mics!


Anyone who loves to play evolve and uses a mic.

Tired of playing game after game?

Please post your Gamertag here, so people can add you, and u can make friends.

Problem solved!

happy playing and happy adding.

bump bump bump it up!


have mic, play as trapper or Support, (UK)


xXBobby HeatXx add me


LithosMike - Xbox

I have 2 or 3 other friends who get online, but we are always looking for some more. We’re in our late 20’s and live in Texas. I like to play monster, and usually keep hunters set to no preference to rotate around.

Only add me if you have a mic please.


Evil 0ivien (that’s a zero.) I play any role. Super comfy with support, assault and a bit of medic and trapper. Level 31 with over 270 games.


Seanjohn just hit me up. Can play any role prefer healer


J Wil58… Play any role but support currently… Prefer Medic. Have mic!


Still looking for group?


XB1 have a Mic play both roles, I rotate roles with no issues for other players as well. GT -JLEG3NDARY so add me . Located Miami, Fl. I don’t bully and not a sore loser. Play well with others. I’m 32 and when I’m on as long as get to play EVOLVE I’m happy.


My name is iZeedy on xbox one. Add me. I am a monster, I will play as anything else to as I am sufficiently good with all the classes. I would like to make it on to the circuit if this game ever gets that far, so anyone looking for a monster to add to their team I would be glad to join you.


Hi, there is other Xbox gamers active on www.Gridom.com right now! smile


Still need players I have myself and another


Both got mics both good players


I am try to put together a competitive team would b good to have a monster player who can also play any class


Srk. We have room. For two. Gtgtgtgt ?..?


R0CKST3ADY (0 Is a zero)

I’ll play anything!


I GnM x Teleban


Rocksteady what’s your xb1 Gt


im about all day - pbutch3r


Its R0CKST3ADY mate. I’ll be on tonight