Looking for xbox players with mics

Im looking for as many friends as possible on xbox one, i dont care how good you are, as long as you have a mic and use it. I only have about 200 hours in so im not competitive level good, but i dont consider myself bad at all. I can play any role and almost any character. All i want is someone who, during a match, actually speaks up when they need help or see the monster. Gt is CollapsedArc528 , im mostly online on weekends.

I’ll send you a request later or you can go ahead and send me one :). My GT is Dohvakiin4.

Feel free to add me (LurknAsn). I’ve developed a good group of people to play with, and we always welcome new people to the group.

I’ll go ahead and add everyone here. I use my mic almost all the time. I’m always usually looking for people to run with so if I’m online either shoot me an invite or a message :smile:

Gamertag is the same as my name on here.

Add me as well, GT Posessedflame . I main trapper, and I’m always willing to play monster if people want to practice against me.

So you’re einstein! I was wondering where you found me from (should have been obvious considering the number of these threads I’m in…). We’ll have to play some time this weekend.

Added 4 people, woooo, progress.

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You can add me too if you’d like. GT is the same as my username. :smile:

Trapper/Support mostly, but have experience with all classes/Hunters as well.

Add me too bro I play with a pro players looking for my own team gamer tag iadaptation