Looking for Xbox One hunters for tonight


Would anyone be interested in playing tonight? It would be nice to play in a group for once? Would anyone be down to play tonight?


You mean, you need hunters? What classes?


Anyone classes would be fine though I would like to help out with the Bucket challenge so I might play Bucket if not anyone else can I am not that picky.


Xbox live is broken right now, you can play with people online but no other features work like friends lists and/or mics in game so you’re going to have to wait to play with people you find until later on. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure what you are talking about I was just in a game with people in game chat and as well as talking to someone in a party with my friends list.

… (Edit) Just like magic it stopped working.


I’m going to be on later later, like 11 pm pacific time

My gamertag is: BackdoorAlex2

I play:
Medic: Caira (but can also play Laz)
Support: Hank
Trapper: Crow (but can also play Maggie)
Support: Markov


Yea… my first game worked, now it won’t even find people , multi-player is down too. :’( (as is their website derp)


Wait really?


Will be on very soon.

Gamertag (Because you might need that :wink:) : Videogamer954

What I play:

Medic : Slim, Caira (Laz if you want it)
Support : Anyone of them, love them all!
Trapper : I enjoy all of them, except Abe…
Assault : Hyde or Torvald (Can play any of the 4.)

EDIT : You probably don’t need to know my monster picks :sweat_smile:





Chairman Suda


When Your Xbox Live says you have 0 friends online and scrolls through all of them… Kappa