Looking for Xbox one group or players


Gamertag is Saints944. I’m looking for members and have a mic to talk with people. My rank is 40 and I’m the 17th Val if that matters…I love to play medic and trapper the most but I’m comfortable with any class. Send a message or post please! Playing with randoms can be so frustrating :frowning:
Edit: also I’m in U.S east coast…


Hey east coast player. Monster player here, GT is supercybird I’m also from the east coast.

If your interested, I’ll be on around 5 or 6 tonight. I have a 5.86 W/L ration overall, so I think I’m pretty okay.


Hey my gt is Beniskool77 I play any role but trapper or assault are my favorites. I’m on the east coast as well (of Canada but whatever) so message me any time.


Willing to send anyone a friend request.


You can always add me…at GT: stellartiger… I am also on US east coast and play with another very good support player also on east coast


GT: Cpt RonCodpiece

Mostly a monster player, have the medics elite. Decent with any hunter, really.


Looking for a good trapper or support who knows how to play their role well and communicate. Shoot me an invite TheFeralWarrior


Bumping the post for any Xbox players…


anybody that wants to play can add me
GT: Achilles2129


Add me; zRarity
I can play all the classes very well, just request if you need a spot filled.


Bumping thread


Join live broadcast of other people playing evolve on xb1. Search hfpstormtrooper on twich. Give a follow and join the online community of people playing evolve. Just hit up the chat and ask to get a game.

My gt: x xSt0rmx x