Looking for Xbox One friends!


Hey guys,

I enjoy Evolve a lot, but I think I’m missing out by not having people to actually talk to, haha. For anyone interested in looking for a guy to bring onto their team (or play against, I don’t care) my GT is Dohvakiin4.


My gamertag is alspa I’ll add you still


Cool, thank you much :).


Add me GT: H41ku fk

I’m a medic and trapper player. Looking for friends to help amp up my game and help with more difficult masteries.


I summon @SQUARENecron


Csanders73 is my gt. I’m currently in an evacuation. But I’d love to join a team. I can play any Hunter although medic is my preference.


Who dareth summon the SQUARE!? @mikeylikesit


Recruiting MLG team here. Last Judgement. If you’re interested send SQUARE Necron a message on xbone