Looking for Xbone Players


Seems that since the patch came out a lot of the regular gamers I played with have left for other games. I have about 4-5 players I play with regularly, but our times never match up at the same time, and usually we’re stuck with a team of 3, sometimes less.

Looking for good players who play Evolve often enough on the XB1. We’re all good at rotating classes and some of us use Monster as well so anything is welcome. Add and message me and I’ll add you back.

Gamertag is Captain Pidgey


Moved this to looking for group for ya :smile:


My bad I rushed making this and didn’t even realize that was a category. Thanks!


im looking for good players too and im almost always on I main support though so let me know if that is an issue.


If average is what you’re looking for, I’m your man! User name.


My gamer tag is: Advanced Tec

I shall be playing for most part of the evening (United kingdom)


sun tzu357. We have a good group of competitive players.


I’d like to EVOLVE into a good player with a good team
Though i haven’t played much i’m still not as bad as a bunch of randoms not doing their job



I don’t need All-Stars or anything lol I’ll add all you guys when I get a chance. We are competitive though, not in the scream at someone for messing up way


Gamertag is Saints944, always looking for more players!


Im not home at the moment and wont be for a bit. But if you could ass me i will happily accept and play with you. I main medic and monster but i will play anything else. My gt is lHearBreakerl (those are lower case L’s on the sides)

Hope to play with ya soon, happy hunting.


I’ve added everybody who has Posted. Keep an eye out !

Except Heartbreaker it was saying your GT could not be found…not sure what that’s about


Looking for people to play evolve with, I’m not bad but have been improving
GT is “Dumpster Be4r”


Im down to game with people hit me up. Gamertag is Keegzanator


I’ll play any role, rather play with a group than just random matchmake with people who are annoying to play with

Xbox gametag alspa


Added both of you.


im pretty good as bucket, caira, lazurus, maggie, griffin, cabot. ill mainly play as bucket though and i rarely play week days but on weekends im game. just so u know im 14 so if that an issue i understand.


Sorry to get back to you late. Not a problem that youre a 14 with the crazy connection issues we’ve been seeming to have lately well take whoever we can.

Is it just me or has the connectivity issues taken a HUGE step back this past week?


Pack jackal
But main monster


My gamertag is EmperorJoker21.

I have all hunters elited except Sunny and Slim(those masteries are tedious). I play all roles well since I Like all the hunters in their own way.

Im on most nights from 5:30-9:30pm CST. Thursday and Friday nights I have off from everything so i play a lot then. Just send me an invite or join my party.