Looking for Wraith help!


Hi guys!

Seeking advice on how to build Wraith with the new patch, now i know that warpblast is the bread and butter now but if like to know when and where to invest points in skills etc and what perk too! If anyone could help that would be very appreciated:)


My personal Wraith build: Speed Perk.
Stage 1: 2 Warp Blast, 1 Supernova
Stage 2: 3 Warp Blast, 2 Supernova, 1 Abduct
Stage 3: 3 Warp Blast, 3 Supernova, 3 Abduct
Decoy is garbage imo, so I avoid it at all costs.

Just remember to always be mobile in a fight, a still Wraith is a dead one. Warp around, duck in and out of cover, and always, always have your eyes on you armor bar. In my personal experience, a full armor bar is enough to warp in, take out trapper, then warp away to rebuild. I repeat this until trapper dies, then I start picking off the others.
Then, when Trapper returns (all striked up, ready for death yet again) I repeat the process.
Hit and Run man.
Thats why I always avoid S3


3 Warp Blast
3 Abduction
15% damage perk or CDR. This depends on the map. If the map you’re on has a damage buff, go for the CDR.

That’s all. Don’t bother with Supernova or Decoy.


Just what i needed thanks man, I’ll try this later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)


Oh almost forgot.
Stage 1 Wraith is queen of the bush hiders.
Its hilarious


Just be sure to be sneaking… or else you end up rather errotic.


Wraith is always erotic yo


except when there is a daisy. Also, don’t forget that hunters can hear the ridiculously loud sniffing Hiding in a bush is almost asking for a dome because of sniffing. You could not sniff, but then you have the risk of a hunter being right in front of you and doming you anyways in case you were in a bush… I wish they would have kept the sniffing the way it was… Monsters can’t hear the dome, but hunters can hear the sniffing as if they have highly developed animal hearing. Lame.


Most hunters don’t pay attention to sniffing, just don’t spam the F out of it and you’ll be fine.


eh, most teams I have played against do pay attention to it. At least the trapper does. I have been on the other side of a cave, and I see the trapper moving to the direction of where I am sniffing. Also, I do play hunter from time to time, but with monster being my main, I am very familiar with the sniffing sound. More often than not, I can hear the monster sniffing, and it’s really loud for the distance I am at. Like unrealistically loud. It should be more faint, if anything. The monsters are suppose to be smart, so I would figure they adapt into having more quiet sniffing. I no longer hide in bushes, so I sniffing isn’t a problem there… But from both a monster and hunter perspective, I just think it’s too loud.


I agree it is a bit loud.
Stealthy monster
Loudest sniffer





Kraken is the most noticable, Wraiths is the loudest ^.^


So I am not the only one who thinks Wraith’s sniff is the loudest. I was not sure if it was just me, or the monster all had the same audible level in terms of sniffing.


. . . Sir, loud IS noticeable.


Its like
Goli/Krak/Behe=20 meters away
Wraith=30 meters away
Not correct numbers, just an example ^.^


I know those are made up numbers, but if the real numbers were anywhere near that, then that is just crazy.20-30 meters is 60-90 feet. I know realism cannot be added into a game with monsters, or just video games in general, but a person should not be able to hear sniff anywhere to the extent of that the hunters do until they are 5-10 feet from the monster.

That would be between 1-3 meters. I know someone is going to say “well they are big ass monsters, so they sniff loud.” well, I am pretty sure the monsters are intelligent, adaptable beings…They would adapt to quieter sniffing. If the hunter had enhanced hearing, then maybe hearing the sniffing would make sense… but if that was the case, they would hear a sneaking monster too…

Even if the hearing distance was 10 meters I would say that doesn’t make sense. But I am just being too realistic and literal. The hunters have way too many auditory cues on the monster… The hunters do have jet pack noise, but that’s not reliable to pin point the direction of a hunter. Same applies to the weapon noises. Most hunters just spam there weapons anyways to make the monster think the hunters are near by… Slim, Sunny, Caira’s… Which that doesn’t work for me. All it does is drive me nuts because evolve has some of the most obnoxious weapon noises ever. End rant. I think I am going off topic too… haha


Its all good advice, No sniff spam is a good thing ^.^
Unless theyre far away.
In which case NSS (Never Stop Sniffing)


I feel like im missing something big here, hunters can hear you when you smell? And what does it mean when you’re hiding in a bush and you turn green for no apparent reason? Im level 34 so I’m not new but i feel it


Yes, nearby hunters can hear you sniffing.

As for turning green, that means you just got spotted by Gobi or Cabot dust tagged you, meaning its time to jet out quick cuz they can see you now