Looking For Willing Hunters (PS4)

I’ve been doing my best impression of a sponge and absorbing everything from my thread asking for tips (click here for thread), watching videos, and playing with bots.

Maybe it’s my ego acting up but I feel like i’m sort of ready for “live” action. Haven’t tried quickplay with randies yet (will probably do that after I post this…or go to sleep cause i’m sort of exhausted and try that tomorrow) but I want to begin my search of hunters that are willing to “carry” a medic/trapper >support player now as I know how long these things can take. My idea is to pub stomp monsters looking for matches on quickplay so I can be eased into pvp play.

My PSN is JLakaPanda007 (be sure to let me know that you’re from the forums on your FR).

Important information copypasta:


My playing schedule is wonky and will get wonkier and less wonkier with time, so the following is subject to daily change due to innumerable variables (lol). So I feel i’ll be less a stable member of any group and more of a “oh they’re on, lets invite them.” sort of member.

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays: I can play between 1 and 6pm ish. If there is no hockey game on then I can play at night but my connection is dodgy at night sometimes.

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 7-11pm, but my connection is dodgy at those hours and I also might not be awake enough to play (or a hockey game is on). On rare occasions I might be available for quick rounds between 7-11am.

Weekends: I’ll be mostly available all day long but my connection might not be, as sometimes I have visits who need to use the wifi (family eh). Usually mornings are good but any later than that is probably not wise. And of course hockey…


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You seem to be in hockey a whole lot. :stuck_out_tongue: The times I’m on varies a lot. During the weekday, not a whole, if at all due to school and stuffs. And weekends I will probably be on.

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New day bump.

Damn… I’d love to but timezones may be a problem and my gaming schedule is pretty messed up. When I’m on is fairly predictable and in an almost canonised pattern, but my friends have messed up schedules and which friends are on dictate which game(s) I play. So I can go a week and not touch Evolve once, and then the next week I could alternate between Rainbow Six Siege and Evolve daily, and the next week I could just play Evolve.

If you’re in the EST you’d be fine I think, plus as I usually play online during the morning so I can catch a few of the Euro types in their primetime hours.

Regardless, send me an FR if you will. Never know when the planets align.

My teammates are a bunch of Hockeyholics, friend me and we will try to get you in. :wink:
My team includes-

Alright…just have in mind that i’m green lol.