Looking for two players for tournament play in the U.S. for Evolve Xbox one


Looking for two players to join our team for Evolve for the upcoming tournament for the team Dangerzone. Assault and Medic class is set between two players already we need either Monster, Support, and trapper; which ever is too the players preference. This is for Xbox one


Ill try for the monster slot. alot of experiance with league play, GB, esl etc. GT is xiifathomiixx…first and last i’s are caps


alright i’ll send you a team invite. I just need an email address to send you an invite


I would like to try it out, if thats okay.


sure thing i just need an email address of yours to send a team invite. don’t know how you wanna go about to not leak info to the public. i tried to find you on Xbox, but it wouldn’t show your GT.