Looking for turnarounds of the monsters


If someone can help me out here, I’d like some pictures of the monsters (mainly Gorgon) that are highly detailed and show many sides of the monster. Its for an art project I’m doing.


You mean like turnarounds?


Those are perfect! Thank you


Going to recategorize this to monsters section, i don’t see why it should be off topic, if my change is ok for you though ^^


Also can i change title to “Looking for turnarounds of the monsters”, this may help you since you can get the exact thing you want and people who will see this thread will know what do you want, as always, if that is ok for you ^^
Edit: if you want to keep your original title just change it back :wink:



Closing this because Mountn linked the turnaround thread.
You can find a lot of art there or check out my Evolve Pinterest board: