Looking for top tier assualt (ps4)


My team is looking for an assault to play in future tournaments with good all around skill, who can play as most assaults at top levels. basically if you want to join add my psn (marinebro1227) and write that you’re an assault in the message and we will give you a shot.


i feel like i could qualify. All Assaults are elite besides blitzkov. I love lenny but need a good hank and Val



You will never Leave!!! Its a TRAP!


Me and @Torvald_Stavig would be good choices.


both of you add me on psn


also demonhunter already has a team! lol


I know that, doesn’t stop him from just playing or subbing.


What happened to Jayrob?


Is he on the Forums?


Marine is on the same team with him tho.


Then why does he need an Assault?


Nothing really. Just creating 2 teams. Me and chip kinda went off on our own.


There was just difficulties with communication. And since we had 5 hunters one of our extra medics kept getting zero play time. So we decided to split.


I will add you when I return home from the hospital, not feelin so good…


Love to play if you ever need an assAult psn Rossowns