Looking for Top hunter players Ps4

Hello im looking for people who play only to win and play for the competetive factor… i like destroying monsters giving them no room to breath that just gives me a good feeling lol…i consider myself really good but occasionely there is always some random guy who screws the team…i now want to put a stop to that and just only play with players with the same mentality as me who do everything it takes to win the game and have the skill to do so…I can play all hunters it makes no difference to me… i have a mic but i have enough understanding in what to do… im not here to make friends because if you are not good enough i dont wanna play with you… My win ratio is higher then my death ratio and im looking for people like that… hit me up on

Psn - Beestelijk…

ps im a friendly guy if you did not noticed :smile:

This will be put to the test when your Trapper misses a dome. :wink:
Good luck with your team. I shifted this to the LFG category.

Hehe in the end we are all human so mistakes are possible…thats no problem for me…aslong as it does not happen again lmao unless i am the trapper offcourse :wink: But sure put me to the test if anyone dares

I’m looking for a team as well I’m rank 8 with Lennox as we speak