Looking for to start a team (xbox)


am looking to start a team on xbox my gt Nega Zaku , am a decent trapper but lack exp against good monsters. once we get a group going I will sign us up for tourney in esl ( which is held every sunday) pls have a mic because it will help us improve as a team when we r communicating together. send me a message


If you are looking for people to play with, add me my tag is the same as my user name.


ok cool just when ur on n we will play


Sounds good, I am at school but I should be home around 8 EST. Also if you are looking for more people and you have a FB account go to here https://www.facebook.com/groups/XboxOneEvolve/


GenWold42 by any chance do you play support or medic?


I do, sorry for the late reply damn school haha.


I am a geeat medic if there is still room on your team my gamertag is TNEKarma1289 I can learn to play any role though do you still need any8ne?


im a good support player but i can play trapper or assault curently ive ive unlocked all tier three characters except for assault.


ok cool I will added u today


alright sweet put dwn ur gt


I’m pretty decent at all roles. Prefer to play trapper. GT rudeboi262


ok great I will add everyone all we need now is a monster player


You need a monster player? I’m a monster player.
My GT is Beniskool77 message me on Xbox sometime.