Looking for the all the Creators of L4D / L4D2


Hi, I’m a major, major fan of the L4D series, hence my staunch loyalty to TRS and even Evolve.

I am looking to find all the special minds and individuals responsible for creating L4D 1 ((L4D2: For the creators of the characters))
So I am wondering if anybody knows if they are still in TRS, if not, I wonder what project/works they are doing now. Or any news about them. After so many years later, I still want to find them, if possible, individually and say, I’m such a big fan of your work, it is my sentimental, personal favourite game of all time.

I have met many great friends, and i still have friends i regularly play l4d2 with to this day.

I am trying to find credits now, google is not being so friendly.
I found this: Warning long list. from here( https://www.giantbomb.com/left-4-dead/3030-20690/credits/ )
Is this source credible? Is there anyone missing?

Chet Faliszek
Erik Wolpaw
Max Hoberman - Helped in adaptation to X360.
Erik Johnson
Adrian Finol
David Kirsch
Elan Ruskin
Michael S. Booth - As the owner of Turtle Rock (now Valve South) Michael has taken on many roles in the Left 4 Dead development, he most notably prototyped the first versions of the game. He also developed the A.I. director and no doubt had his fingers in most of the programming and design choices of the game.
Robin Walker
Visual Arts
Bay Raitt
Mike Morasky
Tim Larkin
Voice Actor
Alésia Glidewell - Zoey’s face model.
Dennis Bateman - Helicopter Pilot
Fred Tatasciore - Infected / Tank.
Gary Schwartz - Airport Runway Radio Voice
Jen Taylor - Voice of Zoey.
Mike Patton - Infected voices
Nathan Vetterlein - Crazy church guy
Doug Lombardi
Alex Vlachos
Andrea Wicklund
Ariel Diaz
Brandon Idol - Development Team
Charlie Brown
Chris Green
Dario Casali
Eric Smith
Iikka Keränen
Jason Brashill
Jason Mitchell
Jeep Barnett
Jerod M. Bennett - Development Team
Jim French
John Cook
Khanh Nguyen - Development Team
Kim Swift
Miles Estes
Moby Francke
Nathan Mesnard
Nick Maggiore
Peter Zinda
Phil Robb - Valve Development Team
Philip Co


So many missing


That’s terrific, thank you very much