Looking for telemetry


please @MacMan tell us if any of the tier 4 are looking over powered in any way. I’m tired of all the OP, UP threads with no evidence to go on. As a monster player I rarely struggle with torvald, and remain undefeated as behemoth, but this is just my personal experience. Other monsters may get crushed so they think he’s OP, or maybe he really is OP. I want to be able to debate these issues without the phrase “get gud” They have the right to state how they feel, but It never hurts to have some fool proof telemetry on your side, otherwise there’s no way to properly debate these issues.


Sunny- In the 60s
Slim- Up there with Sunny
Torvald- 60s with the other T4, 50s with everyone else
Crow- Most balanced at 50.
Check the telemetry thread, great stuff goes on in there, its like magic


There is already a telemetry thread that Macman posts on often. Please use that one instead of creating a new thread. Thanks :slight_smile: