Looking for teammates that actually play frequently [Xbox One]


The title says it all. I’m looking for teammates to play with who get on frequently. I play this on Xbox one and my GT is AliveShip. I can play any class, so no worries if you prefer one. I’d like a monster player as well if at all possible. Thanks for reading!


Gamer tag: Pleasant Vibes. I’ve been looking for a team to get warmed back into the game and maybe play competitively hit me up if you’re interested!


‘Xbox One’ added to the title of the thread.

And I’ll hit you guys up some time soon.


My GT is RedWall11…add me I’m on daily.


check this out yo


Afius gt but i have some friends who just got the game that i’ve been playing with so o’m usually on a full party


i play most days. GT- Drewgle666


Main assault and trapper but can play any


GT: TheHermaeusMora

Im on almost everyday, mostly playing customs but i will pay ranked sometimes too


GT boony1992 mainly play as trapper am on pretty much every night add me if u like


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