Looking for teammates [PS4] PSN ID: AmandAvicii


This is my first post so I don’t know where to put this haha. I’m looking for a team to play with, who plays every day and live in Europe. I am mainly a monster player but I love playing with a team and supporting them, and if I had a team who’s up for it every day I would play just as much hunter as monster. I’m silver skilled but more than halfway to become silver expert. I would be higher rank long ago if I had a team to play with, right now I just play with friends who doesn’t play as much as me. There’s 1 I play with almost everyday, so 2 more would be nice :slightly_smiling: I play support (Sunny is my main pick but if the team would like something else I’m up for it) I can play trapper, Medic works aswell if I have good support from the team (I play Val).

We need one player who is every evening online (europe) and plays often Evolve - PS4

Hello and welcome to forums ! :smile: which platform?


I moved this into the ‘looking for group’ section.

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Thank you! Oh god how could I forget that, I play on PS4 and my PSN ID is AmandAvicii :smiley:


Oke, changed the topic so it will be easier for people to identify :slightly_smiling:

I would love to play with you but I am on PC so meh :smiley:

Make sure to check also these threads to find some PS4 players :slightly_smiling:

Happy hunting


My psn is the same as my name on here I work offshore but when I’m home I play alot feel free to add me


That sucks :frowning: Anyways thank you alot!!


I will add you as soon as I get home! :smiley:



We have a custom lobby going almost every evening, all Europeans.

My psn is Draco-Kahn



Too bad that we have little “beef” cause your teabagging :stuck_out_tongue: - But we are able to forget it, so its up to you. We are every evening online (europe) and we are Silver Experts near to Silver Master.


Hey, haha I’m sorry about that. I am a very, very nice and polite monster player, believe me. I just got so confused about your message but I think we both misunderstood eachother. I don’t wanna have enemies, I’m here to make friends :slightly_smiling: And by the way I suck with Goliath, I was in quick play just to practise on a combo, that’s why I was going “try-hard” xD


Its fine, np.

Yes I think so too. You really look friendly and social on this forum.

Yes, indeed. Lets forget it. Maybe a language barrier.

We dont want have enemies as well.

Yes xD its fine. We were only two people, the rest determing players. You cant do anything with those people they dont understand anything of the game. Lets forget it…

So if you still need a team. We are every evening online and playing ranked (hunt 2.0). We need just one more player who is often online and enjoys to play ranked with us. So if you like add us. We are: @TatzyXY @TatzyXX and @maderr


I added all of you :slight_smile: I hope we can play as soon as possible!!


Nice. Usually we are online so at 19:00 or 20:00 till 23:00 up to 0:00. After work and eating. So see/hear you at this evening. I hope you have a headset :wink:


Add me :slightly_smiling:


Love to play with you :slightly_smiling:
i play all


You will never leave :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! Of course :smiley:


Ermagherd look

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Just sent you a friend request. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Amanda it’s Tom! Didn’t know you was on here ha!


I just accepted it :smiley: