Looking for team on PS4


Looking to reck some noobs on ps4. I play trapper or support mainly, also decent as medic. My PSN is:


Add me and lets party up.


Player finding links to the rescue!

Happy Hunting!


Need a group, we got one spot left


Did you go to Gridom? There are a couple of gamers filling up there teams now! :smile:


bump, looking for people again, 2 spots left


in need of a medic?


Hey add threek1ng I couldn’t find your psn


yeah man, whats ur psn?


Me and my boy need 2 mire add me if interested PSN bulinyeo


Invite to party and let’s humt some monsters. Psn same as user here.


Check this out other are looking for teammates:


I need one guy to help me with some stuff in evolve. We won’t be playing normal games but if your up for helping me (I will help you if possible) add me at duckface5000 and I will give you the details.


Can’t find you… Try adding me. Duckface5000


Looking for full group pan ghost_knife17 must have mic


If anyone is still looking for a group, some friends and I have actually just begun creating our own competitive team. Try-outs won’t be until April or May, but first you have to apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/fGGg24krOj

We play mostly on weekends, so you have time to do whatever else you’d like in the meantime. Not only will we compete, but we’ll host our own tourneys too. I’m available if you have any questions.


Im looking for team and also premade team for the trophy!

PSN: Im2jerk4u

IM from finland, wink wink :wink:


Hey I LIke to play assault. Im Currently ranked 47th with Hyde in the world and looking for a team so I can play with him more often. Let me know if you need anyone for assault on your team on ps4


Hello, trapper here (Crow), best ranking was 198, havent gotten that many opporunities to play with him thou.


Mupp8 is my PSN name


Need ppl for premade achievement. Psn King_Shadow92 thank u