Looking for Team Members [PC]



I’m Wapez. I’ve been playing evolve with a couple of friends since release, and before that we played both the alpha and beta versions. Evolve is a great casual game, but I think it really shines in competitive play. That’s why I want to form an organized team with people feeling the same way.

In tournaments, the most common team format is 5v5. Your team consists of 4 hunters (going up against the opposing team’s monster, obviously) and 1 monster (facing the other team’s hunters).

We’re currently two people dedicated to this idea. We can play anything, but our main roles are

  1. Trapper
  2. Support

So here’s what we’re looking for, as of March 20th:

  1. Someone maining Medic
  2. Someone maining Assault
  3. An overall player, capable of performing well with any class
  4. A maining monster

Minimum level is 30

The way we recruit will be pretty straight forward - you play one or a few games with us, and if we like your way of playing the game, we’ll keep on playing with you, introducing you to our comps and tactics.

Both of us have a lot of experience with Evolve, roughly 65-75% win ratio and previous experience with playing in a gaming team.

Post your Skype or steam here if you’re interested, and I’ll contact you ASAP.

Optionally you can add me on steam directly and let me know you’re from here.
Steam ID: Wapez
Steam Nickname: [RLG] Wapez

See you in the hunt!


There are quite a few people maining trapper now aren’t there? It was uncommon in Alpha/Beta, or so it seemed.


Pretty sure there’s a lot of people enjoying the play style, yeah. But few manage to constantly perform well, and therefore I think most trappers like to switch classes a lot.


You might want to put PC in your title so people know what platform you’re on.


Right, thanks!


I might be interested in joining, but just a question, where do you live?


If you’re at all interested in joining a competitive clan you can check out our website here: http://wearesith.com Download Teamspeak 3 and hop on our server.


I think a lot of people who play the game with some degree of seriousness have had to move themselves to the trapper role to gain some control over the game. I used to main medic, but I just can’t afford to not play trapper with a lot of the pub groups I’m with. I’m not perfect by any means, but better than the standard “keep chasing in the monster’s footsteps even though we’re slower!” that is out there.


Trapper is definitely the most important role in Pubs.


We both live in Sweden, but English is the language that we’re both the most comfortable speaking, in-game that is.


Same here. I found playing trapper with your friend on support is the best way to secure a win. We actually won a game where our assault wasn’t taking part in any of the action at all.


The trapper doesn’t need to be good - he just needs to know that he’s the most passive tracker. He just meets the monster up and throws the dome, while the others actually hunt and push the monster.


Im from Sweden, im intrested, however, if im not good enough I could always be practise dummy ^^


Okay, I also live in Sweden actually, as I said I´m intersted in joining, so add me on steam and we can play some games and see how it goes.

I mainly play trapper but have experience with all the hunter roles.

Steam username: Zayray


Hey, me and a friend have been looking for people to play with, we’re both european (Portugal and UK) and we main Trapper and Support, although we can also play the other roles to some extent. We generaly only use TeamSpeak as a communication method though, we don’t really like Skype.

My steam name is Paulimoto, feel free to add me if you’re interested in playing some games.


I actually feel the same as you do on Trapper, I wish I could play Support, and Medic as well. It’s hard to trust pugs to do their role. But, I still play Trapper, and just deal with it.


I’ll be adding everyone saying they’re interested, so go ahead and give me a way to reach you and I’ll contact you as well as the rest!


My nick on steam is Mossa.


Steam id: gameplayovergraphics

I’ll give it a try


Im a decent monster player and would love to try out