Looking for team mates


Hey, I’ve got evolve pre ordered looking forward to playing :slight_smile: I’m on the ps4 I’m 22 male from uk have headset etc gonna be looking for people to team up with regularly and maybe play some other games down for whatever just looking for some good team mates :slight_smile: add me up MattyLeng


Hi there @MattyLeng , welcome to the TRS forums!

We have a thread dedicated to PS4 players hooking up with one another, when you get a chance I’d suggest visiting this thread.

Catch ya later mate ;D


As @Accellerant said, use the above thread to find team members and PM them with offers. In the meanwhile, you should ask a Mod to close this. @Takran, for example. Welcome to the forums, and Happy Hunting!


Cheers mate, I’m new to this forum stuff dos I post in the wrong bit lol?


Not exactly, it’s just a good idea to keep related topics together to prevent cluttering the forum with topics which are very similar @MattyLeng. Besides, it’s beneficial to have your PS4 name/account in the main thread 'cause I have a feeling this one would inevitably fall into the depths of the forums as newer topics are created and popular topics are bumped to the top.

We all wen’t through this, so no worries friend. Take your time to get used to the forums, read some of the pinned topics and this place will become second nature to you in no time :3


Ok I get what you mean people won’t really see my post :slight_smile: I will redo it in the correct place later hehe thanks for your help @Accellerant appreicate it