Looking for Team Mates (XBOX ONE)


I’m looking for a few good team mates to hunt with. I started back playing this game and I’d really like to get back into it. Send me a msg on Xbox or here.


Add me bro Gt:illmindofricky


my gt is bakstaber17


Feel free to add me. GT is ArchangelNQQ.


GT: Chrononaut17


LRoderick, feel free to add me.


GT is the same as my username here. Feel free to add me! :grin:


I’m OrphanRex612038 how competitive?


you all can feel free to add me. :smiley:


This title concerns me…its ‘teammates’…what you have looks like you are asking for something else. :joy:

Also, my GT is my username here.


RedWall11 is my GT. Play all classes and monsters, except for Parnell, Caira, Kraken & Wraith.