Looking for team/group or clan (PS4)


Looking for other players to continue my journey through evolve with, passed level 20 now and don’t feel i’m getting any better at the game whilst playing with randoms, it’s too unpredictable, I enjoy
Playing medic, providing the support from other players whilst im getting focussed is good. I have a mic and I am on a lot over the next week, but then playtime will be reduced to mornings throughout the week. (9-1pm) if you could add me or leave your IDs below then it’d be much appreciated, look forward to hearing from y’all. PSN ID =DepressedJester


Mclovin7871. Add me. I play assault and support


good evening, i play trapper mostly. PSN : Gomorz139


Added you both, look forward to seeing you in game. :slight_smile: