Looking for support and assault [PS4]

Myself (JoeFro101) and getback222 are looking for 2 new memebers for a evolve group. We play to get our ranks up and our w/l ratio. We mainly play hunt. Looking for above average assault and support players. If you are not ranked its Kool. You can reply to the post by messaging me on my PS4

Edited it so that it would be more clear that it is for PS4 :smile:

Two PS4? lol

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oh. man i feel REAL stupid now. I didn’t see it at the beginning

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Naa! Nobody is perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll give it a shot as support :wink: PSN = K_Starz164

I play literally every class and every character, have a rank 50+ in each class. PSN: demonhunter1245

need a team, ill pair you with people around your level. sign up here