Looking for Streaming buddies (PS4) Updated!


Hey it’s Demonhunter1245 again!

#Whats up-
I am simply looking for a couple of decent guys to screw around with in-between these times that want to stream together. We can get our viewers together to do some viewer games Customs/Quickplay/hunt 2.0, you name it. If you have never streamed Evolve before, now is your time! I don’t mind if you are not competitive, lets just have some fun.
There are only few requirements, I want mics obviously, I would like you to be decent at dodging, but I will get over myself. You have to be able to stream.
4 PM Central time - 10 PM is when I usually stream on the weekdays.
On the weekend I am nearly always on, but when Im not on during the day, I will guarantee being on in the night. 6pm-10pm.

If you have anymore questions just ask and I will reply.
PSN: demonhunter1245
Main assault, play everything. Torvald.
Silver Destroyer/Elite.
Gold Expert/Skilled Monster.
#7 Torvald, the leaderboards are broken, so it has become pointless.

##As I said before I don’t care if you are good, or if you have even streamed before, I just want to meet you!


Damn, I play only on PC. I also want to get into streaming too :cry:


to bad i dont hv a mic -.- and because of my timezone i cant play i think


Updated ^.^


I would have loved to have you!!


Ahh thats a shame, I want to see that beautiful Gorgon gameplay :heart:


We could have talked about jar of hearts. :emetoh: :torvald:


Links be hard at school


Same here, you wanna be my streaming buddy then? :bucket_salute:


sigh guess you will never see how cool I am cause I am on xbox one


Just switch over



I couldn’t help myself…




if pc is good then why does batman arkham knight suck on it






Because bad port… But may I remind you this?



I mean a lot of people liked it exept pc players cause console master race


and what game was that

that edit I saw it


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Also let’s not forget the many great games that are PC exclusive, Civilization V, XCOM 2, …


ha ha that one game I thought those glitches were hilarious!

also I am not interested in any of those games


Nah, me neither. Havent played any of them, except for what I have read online. In any case, perhaps we should continue with the topic of PS4 streamers for @Torvald_Stavig?